Monday, September 21, 2015

The Struggle, Nay! The Marvel

Today I am looking at day 6...or maybe 7?  Heck, it could even be day 8, of my PALEO diet.  According to my doctor, to help with having PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) I have to take on new extreme eating habits as my body is having issues with insulin, hormones and an overdose of other bad-yucky stuff that is keeping me from feeling good.  In case you haven't read any article shared on Facebook in the last 5 years, apparently pesticides, preservatives and GMO's are really bad for you!  Who would have thought?  Apparently a lot of people, actually, but that's not the point [insert smug look+eye roll].

Let me start by saying that I am overweight. Like...a LOT overweight.  Like...I-weigh-as-much-as-two-women-who-are-at-my-ideal-body-weight-for-my-height overweight.

Do I feel overweight?  Yes.  Do I feel THAT overweight?  No.  To be honest, I feel like, on the scale of overweight women, I look pretty damn good and I suffer from very few 'big girl' limitations.  My body, however, disagrees with my overweightedness (<------is this even a word?) and is rebelling against me.  Chubby cuteness aside, it's time for change, and in case no one ever told you; Change is hard! (More on the subject of overweight girls from the view of an overweight girl to come)

Rather than spell out my every amazing meal [insert above-mentioned eye roll] I'll tell you what I've struggled with so far, and what I've marveled in as well.

The Struggle
No. Starch. Ever.
Yes, I said it.  No potatoes, no bread, no rice, no ANYTHING starchy... Did I mention no potatoes?

No Refined Sugars
Like sugar in your coffee? No-can-do's-ville baby!
Like eating spoonfulls of icing or peanut butter or (GASP!) sugar?  Not today!

For me, those are the two hardest parts of this new diet.  I know we've all gone our round with the Adkins diet over the years, but let me tell you now, there is no comparison.  Paleo is like the mega scary, take-away-everything-you-like version of Adkins with a side of no-you-can't-have-that.

I was immediately intimidated and wanted to quit before I started.  I felt like I couldn't even have things I had been trained in the past to eat as 'healthy' food.  No brown rice, no low-fat mozzarella, no skim milk.  It was hard enough settling for those things!  Now to take them away too?  Not fair, Paleo!

The Marvel
I can have dark chocolate.  Let me repeat that I CAN HAVE DARK CHOCOLATE!!!!

I don't have to give up coffee. Sure, it's not the best thing for me, but so far, it's what's keeping me sane.  Add a little honey (all nat-you-ral) and some almond milk and PRESTO! a good morning is made.  Do I still want it oozing with real sugar and some cream?  Absolutely! But this new, healthier-ish version will have to do.

I can eat fruit.  I mean tons and tons of fruit.  My previous diets really limited me on the amount of fruits I can have because of how high in natural sugars they are.  Not Paleo, thank you Jesus!  I can have a banana for breakfast, apples with lunch and oranges with dinner if I want and it's completely okay.

What I have learned so far in this diet is that I have even less willpower than I thought I had.  When my body is telling me it needs sugar, and I find some; Lord help the person that stands in my way of the melted candy I found stuck to the inside pocket of my purse.  That was probably a bit of an over-share but we're all friends here, right?

I have also learned that I mess it up allot.  Sometimes, I am just not strong enough to say no to something I want so bad.  Or I find a way to reason it out or justify it.  BUT; Each day I make good choices, too.  Paleo-good choices at that!

Rather than wallow in my failures, I've decided to set a goal.  Tomorrow, I will make it thru the entire day on a Paleo diet.  It isn't the first one I've completed in my short journey, but it is a day I'm determining to be a success.

Are you trying Paleo?  Is anyone else out there feeling my struggle?? I would love to hear

For more information on the PCOS struggle, follow this link.

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